A little bit about us

     We are a family business from the region of Cesis with 20 years of experience in growing cacti and succulents. Since getting a larger property, it has allowed us to develop faster. We have grown so far that we want to offer our customers healthy, properly grown plants, seeds, and garden flowers, as well as knowledge gained over the years. We focus on making sure that our plants are in the right shape, healthy, and free of pests and other diseases. So that the seeds are harvested at the right time and kept in the right conditions. The seeds are regularly planted and tested for their germination.    

    We are open to everything new and continue to learn about the world of plants. Regularly visiting plant exhibitions in Latvia and in Europe. We have noticed that each year the tendencies in the world of plants change, but it’s noticeable that even more new people, even children fall in love with the world of succulents. The varieties of garden flowers are increasing every year, new varieties appear that have never been seen before, which pleases any collector or ordinary plant lover.     

    Since the beginning of the Covid period, we have stopped participating in the fairs, but plan to resume participation, in the fairs next year’s spring, announcing in advance in the news section. However, we have slowed down the construction of the new greenhouse at the moment, due to the high costs of construction.


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