Welcome to our store!

  • ·            We offer cactuses, succulent plants and seeds! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, searching for a gift for somebody or something for your happiness or collection, we will do our best to satisfy your needs. Most of the plants are grown in Latvia in our greenhouse, but a small portion of the plants are imported from other countries. The plants are treated with pesticides and planted in natural, plant-friendly soil. The plants for sale are carefully selected and will be delivered only the best ones.
  • ·            All plant names are written in Latin since the translation isn’t always correct. Using the correct name, it will be easier to find more information about the specific plant on the internet or in a book.
  • ·            Soon we will also offer spring bulbs and a wide assortment of garden flowers.
  • ·            We are ready to work with local growers.
  • ·           We are ready to provide consultation on growing plants. It’s possible to arrange a visit to a client, to help with advice and transplanting plants. Please contact us via e-mail, we are open to new ideas!